Special Camp Sessions

Special Sessions at R-C

     This 3 night camp is designed specifically for the participants to focus on the sessions emphasis. The activites planned dive into the sessions emphasis, the crafts and activities futher enhance the sessions focus. This allows the participants to flexibility to choose what they want to focus on while attending camp. These sessions still include regular session activities like shooting sports, a horse trail ride, camp games and activities, and campfire programming. Dont forget the fun free time activites like crawdading, fishing, and more. Some of these sessions do have age or rank restrictions so please note that when registering for these sessions. 

Equestrian Sessions

This session provides Campers the opportunity to get up close and personal with horses at R-C Scout Ranch. Participants will take an adventurous, extended trail ride, and experience firsthand horse care and culture. Led by our Head Wrangler, this program will give participants a glimpse of what it takes and what it’s like to own a horse and work with large animals!
 Note: Participants must be 2nd Grade or above to ride per BSA Guide to Safe Scouting.

Space Session

This session is all about furthering Cubs’ interest in outer space. They’ll learn what a gyroscope is first hand, take a deeper look at our solar system and the moon, explore constellations and watch for satellites, build a space habitat and test it out, and explore gravity and its effects! We are providing you with an out of this world experience at summer camp.

New Girl Pack Session

This session is catered towards the new girls’ packs that are forming throughout Council. We will focus on basic Cub Scout skills, team building, adventure, and elective adventures. The elective adventures will be geared more towards a young girl’s interest and enthusiastic outlook on discovering the outdoors.

We will assist adults in this new exciting time in Scouting history by aiding Girls’ Pack leaders in networking, sharing lessons learned in the expanding Scouting program, and discussing ways we can collaborate to better serve all youth!

Webelos Session

This specialty session is designed specifically for Webelos and their leaders. Come up with your whole den to experience what it will be like when you enter Scouts BSA troop patrols. Each adventure and activity is aimed to further their advancement and provide a pre- Scouts BSA experience.

Webelos will also work on elective adventures such as: Adventures in Science, Castaway, Earth Rocks, Into the Woods, and more.

 Note: Participants must be a Webelos or AOL rank to participate.

STEM Session

DJ fun

This session will focus on earning four NOVA awards. Some prerequisites will be required before showing up to camp. The NOVA awards we will be working on will be Out of this World for Science, Swing for Technology, Cub Scouts can Code for Engineering, and 1,2,3 Go for Math.

Art Session

Campers will have the opportunity to create multiple works of art using non-typical means of creating art. This is above and beyond the basics of painting, sketching, clay making. We will cover unique artists and their inventive and creative ways they have made unconventional beautiful works of art. We will use new and creative methods for creating unique and memorable art pieces in multiple types of media. Each scout will come home with a minimum of two works of art that will be suitable for framing or hanging in the home. Do not miss out on this one of a kind adventure into creativity.

Craftmanship Session

Interested in making things? We got a camp for you. Build a camp chair and other useful items that will last you through your scouting career. We can’t wait to show you different types of tools. Tell you what they are used for and best of all allow you the opportunity to use them to make your own creations.

Have Questions?

Contact the R-C Summer Camp admin team at RCScoutCamp@gmail.com