About R-C

R-C, named for the Roosevelt Council of the Boy Scouts of America, has a fascinating history rich in adventure. The property’s past ties directly to some of the most famous individuals in Rim Country including famous western adventure novelist Zane Grey.

The Grand Canyon Council, then known as the Theodore Roosevelt Council, purchased the 78-acre plot of land from a homesteader in 1945. While construction began on the property almost immediately, the process of obtaining the deed to the property dragged on until 1954.

Two other R-C properties were also purchased, appropriately named R-C #2 and R-C #3.

The three R-C ranches had several hundred head of cattle grazing between the three of them, and R-C #3 even had its own sawmill. In fact, it was thanks to the 50,000 board feet of wood milled at R-C #3 that R-C #1 constructed its original barns. R-C #2 and #3 were sold in 1983 and 1969 respectively, leaving the current R-C as the only remaining R-C Ranch.

R-C’s current logo hearkens to its cattle brand that was changed from a connected CN to R-C sometime between 1975-1984.

Below are the official entries in the Arizona Livestock Board Official Brand Book. The 1963 entry (top) and the 1988 entry (bottom) show the official change. It is unknown when the brand expired, but as of

2019 the Grand Canyon Council (formerly Roosevelt Council) does not have a registered brand with the state.

The ranger of R-C during these early years was Edd Haught, pronounced “Haw-tt”. The Haught family were among the earliest residents of the area and were famed as hunters. Edd Haught’s father, Babe, was especially known for his pack of bear-hunting dogs. He was known as the “Bear Man” and was the reason that the famous author Zane Grey moved to the area.

There are many stories of the elder Haught during the 1920’s. During this time, he was contracted by the author Zane Grey to construct a cabin under the Mogollon Rim. The cabin provided the remoteness that Grey required to write his novels and stories. The area from Payson to Oak Creek Canyon to Flagstaff and east was the locale of many of Grey’s most popular books. After the cabin’s construction, Haught and his five sons contracted to Grey for many hunting and camping trips throughout northern Arizona.

One of the Haught sons, Edd, spent many years supporting Scouting, including leading a lion hunt on property in 1939. Edd became the first R-C ranger in 1945 and served until his accidental death in 1952.

The first scout lodge building constructed on R-C was the Van Ness Lodge. Roosevelt Council president C. E. Van Ness funded the construction of the building in 1946. Built of native stone and large Ponderosa pine logs, Van Ness has stood as one of the most commonly used buildings on the R-C property. Thanks to its locally sourced materials, Van Ness qualifies as a historic building.

In 1987 the council partnered with the American Cancer Society to adapt R–C Scout Ranch for use by children with cancer during the month of July. Thanks to this partnership many of the current

buildings on R-C property were partially or completely funded by ACS or individuals sympathetic to their cause.

In 1954, a stone memorial with bronze plaque was dedicated to Edd Haught and constructed near the entrance to R–C Scout Ranch. That memorial is now the first thing a visitor sees when entering the camp.

The Anne N. Forsman Dining Hall was dedicated on July 15, 1989 with Erma Bombeck in attendance. She and her husband donated, through the American Cancer Society, the cost of building one of the bunk cabins. The Anne Forsman Foundation contributed by donating all of the funds for building the dining hall and the shower house building.
Since 1945 R-C has grown to include 19 lodging and activity buildings, with many more developed outdoor activity areas.

In 1991 the council, now known as the Grand Canyon Council, began their first ever Cub Scout family camps on the R-C property. Under the guidance of Camp Director Jim Moore, these camps offered everything from archery to hayrides and cowboy dinners. These camps continue today as the flagship camp at R-C, populating the months of May and June with laughter and fun.

R-C has enriched the lives of thousands of people and we look forward to enriching thousands more.

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